Feature Films

  • Biker Gang (prod. H.K. Studios) Mumbai, 2019 — In Production


  • The Great Indian Home Makeover Season 1, Mumbai, 2016 — NDTV Goodtimes

  • Making The Cut Season 2, Mumbai, 2010 — MTV India

  • Maybe It's Me Season 1, Mumbai, 2010 — MTV India

  • The Pitch Season 1, Mumbai, 2010 — Business Television India

Festival Program

Fantastic Fest 2017

Junk Head (Japan) 

"Humanity is dying. It's been 1200 years since our rebellious clone workforce moved underground, and the only way we can survive is by plunging into the depths to learn more about our terrifying creations." [More]


V.I.P. (Korea)

"A notorious serial killer who happens to be the son of a defecting DPRK official sends South Korea's National Intelligence, police from both states and even international brass into a mad political scramble in this thrilling neo-noir." [More]


Darkland (Denmark)

"An Iraqi doctor in Denmark seeks vigilante justice for his brother's murder when the police come up short, biting off more than he can chew in a world of gangs, drugs and underground fight rings." [More]